Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Astral Weeks (1968)

Hey folks. I haven't updated in a while but I figured since I just got a new computer, might as well. A lot has happened since I moved from New York. I moved to Philly for a little while then moved back home to San Francisco. A lot has changed for me since moving back. I'm dating the girl of my dreams and am FINALLY back in school. Not to mention, I just found an awesome parking spot and I'm sitting in a cozy spot in my room listening to this record. Thought I would share it with you kind folks who actually look at this...if you exist.

Van Morrison's album Astral Weeks is a beautiful piece of music. This is his first album. Blowin' Your Mind doesn't count because it was a compilation album filled with singles. Yes, Brown Eyed Girl is an awesome song but it was meant to just be a single. That album was compiled without Morrison's consent. This album is unusual compared to the rest of Morrison's catalog. Each song is pretty lengthy (in a good way) and there are tons of instruments in the mix. Strings, bells, flutes, horns, piano, percussion, acoustic guitars, etc. There aren't any hit singles on this album but he did a tour a couple of years ago and played this album in it's entirety. That has to say something. Anyway, if you already love this guy and haven't heard this album, you are seriously missing out. This album has the power to mellow me out regardless of my mood. Enjoy.



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