Saturday, November 22, 2008

Relentless (1985)

Last night was horrible. I went out with some co-workers after work to go drinking. For some reason, I thought it was necessary to buy some Jim Beam and get fucking wasted. On the way back home, I hopped on the downtown train instead of the uptown train and ended up in Brooklyn. It was so cold and didn't feel like figuring out how to get back to Manhattan so I caught a taxi. 10 minutes of driving goes by then I spew all over the back of the taxi. The taxi driver was pissed and calling me a baby and pulled over and made me clean it up. I felt so bad and kept telling him that. He made me give him $60. He dropped me off near the first stop on the 6 train, just on the other side of the Manhattan bridge. I had the worst hangover today and couldn't keep any liquids down. I thought I was going to die. I might take a break from drinking. Weed is much better anyway.

So below we have an album by a great classic doom metal band called Pentagram. They started around the early 70's and were highly influenced by Black Sabbath. This album is basically one of the best doom metal records of all time. Check it out if you like the heaviness.

Pentagram - Relentless



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