Thursday, January 19, 2012

Craft - Void (2011)

This album is great...and fucking EVIL! It came out last year and when I threw it on for the first time, it blew my mind. Black metal is a weird genre nowadays. There's a lot of different forms of it and it's hard to take a lot of it seriously. This record is very traditional black metal while taking it to a whole different level. This band is my current favorite black metal band. It's just pure evil and they don't fuck around. The production rules and every song is solid. It doesn't get any better than The Ground Surrenders and I Want To Commit Murder. The guitar riffs on the last part of The Ground Surrenders gives me the chills. It shreds so fucking hard and makes you want to head bang uncontrollably. Just give it a listen. Definitely one of my favorites from 2011.


Haven't updated in a while...

Hey guys, so I haven't updated in a while and from now on, I'm strictly going to upload my favorite records of all time. Current and classic. Strictly music, no bullshit. Check out the above post.

- Nick

Friday, May 27, 2011

Free - Tons of Sobs (1968)

Ok, Free is one of my favorite bands. Every member had a significant input and the band wouldn't be who they were without the exact members they had. Paul Rodgers, one of the best blues rock vocalists of all time. He was one slick blues man...even though he was a white boy. Simon Kirke, one of my biggest inspirations as a drummer. He had such straight forward simplistic blues beats but with a punk/garage approach and perfect tempo. He definitely paved the way for doom/stoner metal. Same with the guitarist Paul Kossoff. Those riffs, man...they were something else. The bassist Andy Fraser just added some groovy ass funk to the mix. They were literally a perfect band in every way. This is their first album. It's a little heavier than their stuff to come out later. The thing that blows my mind is that they were all teenagers when they recorded this.

The drummer and guitar player started off in a band called BLACK CAT BONES (who are also in this blog) who later became LEAF HOUND. After FREE broke up, the drummer and vocalist went on to form BAD COMPANY. The bassist quit a couple of times and then started a band called SHARKS (who are also awesome blues rock). The guitar player left and started a band called BACK STREET CRAWLER. You probably know them for their hit All Right Now which is on all classic rock stations. They weren't huge in America but some of the best blues rock bands came from the UK sooooo if you haven't heard this band, check this record out. It's a great place to start. Check out the live video below. If that doesn't catch your attention then I don't think it was meant to be.

Download below has a high quality rip @ 320 KBPS.


Frank Sinatra - In The Wee Small Hours (1955)

So this is probably the first concept album. Before this album, artists didn't really record albums. Most recorded songs one at a time for singles and not so much for an entire studio full-length record. Frank was an artist that knew how to tell stories in his songs and it was only logical to take the next step and make an entire LP with songs that were all pieces of a story. I know what you're thinking. Frank Sinatra was totally a dude who sang showtunes and sang songs of happiness such as Come Fly With Me. False. He was a depressed alcoholic for a long time and wrote some very melancholic, somber, depressing records. He even had a record called No One Cares which I might upload if enough people dig this. This record is brilliant. This is the kind of record you should listen to while hanging out on your roof top alone smoking a cigarette viewing your desolate neighborhood and watching drunks stumble home. One of my favorite end-of-the-night records. I put this record on when I'm drunk at 3 am.

This is a great half-speed master of the album @ 320 KBPS. Enjoy.


Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Crow - Crow Music (1969)

Heavy rock and roll with a little soul. Imagine if CHICAGO was heavier and rode motorcycles. Heavy riffs, group harmony vocals and a sweet horn section. BLACK SABBATH covered the song "Evil Woman" on their first single so you know it has to be good. Good driving music. Headbang and sing along.


Black Cat Bones - Barbed Wire Sandwich (1969)

Ok, if you're into heavy, slow, groovy blues, check this record out. Black Cat Bones was an early carnation of LEAF HOUND. After this record, members went on to form LEAF HOUND, FREE, FOGHAT, FLEETWOOD MAC and BAD COMPANY. This record is raw as fuck with some sweet Black Sabbath type riffs. Just enough fuzz and distortion to please any stoner rock fan. One of my favorite tracks is below.


Fire - Could You Understand Me (1973)

I recently discovered a bunch of really awesome heavy rock and roll albums I've never heard before. Here is one of them. Fire was one of those bands that no one's ever heard of but sound so familiar and awesome. Really awesome heavy psychedelic prog rock from Yugoslavia. It's super fuzzed out blues with ridiculous riffs. If you dig stuff that sounds like Deep Purple and Sir Lord Baltimore, then check out the song below. This is definitely an awesome smoking album.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day.

I don't normally condone this kind of holiday but I have an awesome girlfriend and made her a mix that I'm stoked on. Remember: lyrics mean everything! Check it out below.


Monday, January 31, 2011

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band (1965)

Do you ever feel like you're just doing things because people expect them of you? Do you ever feel like your whole life is based on other people's needs? They are some scary things to ask yourself but when you are feeling the pressure of the outside world, those things run through my mind. I just want to sit in my room all day and listen to records. If that was acceptable, I could die happy.

This record makes me happy...weird considering it's the blues. Paul Butterfield was born and raised in Chicago and grew up around the Chicago blues scene in the 50's and 60's. When he started the Paul Butterfield Blues Band with Elvin Bishop and Mike Bloomfield, they incorporated their adolescent attitude into their music. Fast, raw, and ruthless blues with killer harmonica leads that doesn't disappoint. The slower more traditional tracks make you feel like you just wandered into a smoke filled blues bar movie scene. They even recorded some some of their own renditions of classics such as Muddy Waters' I've Got My Mojo Workin', Elmore James' Shake Your Moneymaker and Willy Dixon's Mellow Down Easy. I've been addicted to this album since I heard it so I hope you enjoy The Paul Butterfield Blues Band - The Paul Butterfield Blues Band album.

P.S. This is their first album.


Friday, January 28, 2011

The Bees Made Honey In the Lions Skull (2008)

The past few days have been horrible. I am incredibly sick and haven't been this sick in a long time. I have no energy to do anything except listen to music. This album sounds like how I feel. Slow and sludgy.

Earth's album The Bees Made Honey In the Lion's Skull is an unusual album. Earth, who started in the early 90's in Seattle, Washington, used to play distorted Black Sabbath-esque metal. The lead guitarist and original member since the beginning used to be roommates with Kurt Cobain and he even sings on a song from their first album. Over the years, they have proved that they are one of the best bands in heavy music today. But, the thing is, this album isn't that "heavy" per say. I guess Dylan started listening to country music and incorporated it into his songwriting. They play at 50 BPM but isn't boring at all. The album has so much depth and is an amazing album front to back. It sounds like if you took Black Sabbath and The Flying Burrito Brothers and threw them in a blender. Honestly, one of my favorite records of the 2000's. It came out on Southern Lord so that must say something. The soundtrack of impeding doom!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Astral Weeks (1968)

Hey folks. I haven't updated in a while but I figured since I just got a new computer, might as well. A lot has happened since I moved from New York. I moved to Philly for a little while then moved back home to San Francisco. A lot has changed for me since moving back. I'm dating the girl of my dreams and am FINALLY back in school. Not to mention, I just found an awesome parking spot and I'm sitting in a cozy spot in my room listening to this record. Thought I would share it with you kind folks who actually look at this...if you exist.

Van Morrison's album Astral Weeks is a beautiful piece of music. This is his first album. Blowin' Your Mind doesn't count because it was a compilation album filled with singles. Yes, Brown Eyed Girl is an awesome song but it was meant to just be a single. That album was compiled without Morrison's consent. This album is unusual compared to the rest of Morrison's catalog. Each song is pretty lengthy (in a good way) and there are tons of instruments in the mix. Strings, bells, flutes, horns, piano, percussion, acoustic guitars, etc. There aren't any hit singles on this album but he did a tour a couple of years ago and played this album in it's entirety. That has to say something. Anyway, if you already love this guy and haven't heard this album, you are seriously missing out. This album has the power to mellow me out regardless of my mood. Enjoy.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Four Months of Darkness (2003)

Tonight, I went out with a friend after work for a beer. Somehow, a conversation started about how we love full-length albums more than single songs. We were discussing how in the digital world, albums are sort of a thing of the past. Bands and artists still make albums, but how much do all of those songs matter when people will just go on iTunes and buy individual songs? Do people go out and buy a record, go home and listen to the whole thing all the way through anymore? Call me naive but that's how I feel. So many memories of mine are tied to albums and love them because of it. It's weird when you still listen to albums you've been listening to for years and you don't even like that genre of music anymore. Don't do too many drugs because memories are probably the most comforting thing you'll ever have.

This album is by a band called Saxon Shore. They are an instrumental band which means there aren't any lyrics...yet they still seem to have a strong emotional effect on me. Maybe it's the accordion. I'm a sucker for an accordion. It's a great album and I highly recommend it.

Saxon Shore - Four Months of Darkness


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Relentless (1985)

Last night was horrible. I went out with some co-workers after work to go drinking. For some reason, I thought it was necessary to buy some Jim Beam and get fucking wasted. On the way back home, I hopped on the downtown train instead of the uptown train and ended up in Brooklyn. It was so cold and didn't feel like figuring out how to get back to Manhattan so I caught a taxi. 10 minutes of driving goes by then I spew all over the back of the taxi. The taxi driver was pissed and calling me a baby and pulled over and made me clean it up. I felt so bad and kept telling him that. He made me give him $60. He dropped me off near the first stop on the 6 train, just on the other side of the Manhattan bridge. I had the worst hangover today and couldn't keep any liquids down. I thought I was going to die. I might take a break from drinking. Weed is much better anyway.

So below we have an album by a great classic doom metal band called Pentagram. They started around the early 70's and were highly influenced by Black Sabbath. This album is basically one of the best doom metal records of all time. Check it out if you like the heaviness.

Pentagram - Relentless


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Walk Among Us (1982)

Tonight, I had the opportunity to go to the Upright Citizens Brigade theatre and saw Doug Benson from Super High Me do some stand up. I love this dude because he's a stoner and I can relate to his jokes. I know, I'm pathetic. They did this thing where he invited his friends to do a 10-15 minute routine and he would chime in and make comments whenever he wanted. 3 of his friends came and one of them happened to be David Cross! He talked about how the Sky Mall catalog had pointless shit. For anyone who's flown and has seen these in front of your seat, you know it's true. Anyway, I actually had a decent night for once. I also got two rolls of film developed and picked those up today. Check them out on my Flickr. The link is on the right side of the page.

Since I had a decent night, The Misfits are appropriate. This album was the first full-length put out by The Misfits. You know some of the songs, if not all, and Glenn's melodies get stuck in your head for days. If you know about The Misfits and never bothered giving them a real listen, here's your chance. Start with this album.

The Misfits - Walk Among Us


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Downward is Heavenward (1998)

I went for a bike ride today and it was so cold I felt like my face and ears were going to fall off. I went to develop some photos so I will probably post some of those soon. I told a friend of mine back in Baltimore that I missed hanging out. He told me he didn't really miss me because people come and go. He also said I shouldn't take offense. I'm not offended at all but I wonder how many people feel like this. People do come and go and sometimes I forget people but I never forget a face. I can't help to think back to friends I had a good summer or random occurrence with and wonder if they miss me or ever think about how much fun we had. It's weird to think about how many people you'll meet in your life and sorta need to sift through all of them to figure out the ones that really matter.

This is a good album for a cold day. It's by a band called Hum. You can head bang to it or even fall asleep to it. It's my favorite album they have released and if you like melodic down tempo rock, you'll like them. Check it out.

Hum - Downward is Heavenward


Monday, November 17, 2008

Night Life (1974)

This is what it's like to live a normal life. I work full-time, have a nice apartment with some great friends, make decent money, living in a big city. All I need is a girlfriend and a better attitude about myself. It's getting cold outside and the sun is starting to hide. Hopefully, this second East coast winter is a better one. Last year was hell. I'm in a different place now so maybe I'll have a better outlook. If you have read my blog before, you might wonder where all my old posts have gone. I deleted everything and started fresh because I'm in a new place and wanted to start anew.

I have been taking a lot of photos lately. I will also be releasing a zine very soon with photos, comics, stories, recipes and other random stuff. The zine will be entirely put together by California kids living in New York City. Stay tuned for that because you'll be able to buy copies on here via Paypal or snail mail.

Now for a great album. Thin Lizzy is probably one of the best rock bands of all-time. In my opinion at least... They did that song The Boys Are Back In Town which I'm sure you have heard. This album doesn't include that song but it's a great album to spend a night alone with your significant other. Give it a spin and leave comments if you like it.

Thin Lizzy - Night Life